Release 3.1.4

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Release Notes

  • Atlas for Java
    • Bug fixes
  • Atlas for C
    • Improved performance of mapping and linking large C code
    • Bug fixes
  • Atlas Core
    • Native-memory-backed DB capacity raised to match address space
    • Improved performance for removing nodes from the universe
    • Added Q.functions(), as a convenience to select XCSG.Functions
    • Deprecated Q.nodesTaggedWithAny(), Q.nodesTaggedWithAll(), Q.edgesTaggedWithAny(), Q.edgesTaggedWithAll(). Use Q.nodes(...) for WithAny, and chain uses for WithAll, e.g. Q.nodes(tag1).nodes(tag2). Likewise for edges.
  • Atlas UI
    • Bug fixes

Atlas Core 3.1.4
Atlas for Java 3.1.4
Atlas for C 3.1.4
Atlas Scala Shell 3.1.4
Atlas for Java/Android Binaries 3.1.4 BETA
Enhanced Jimple Support for Eclipse 3.1.4 BETA

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