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An Atlas Toolbox is an Eclipse plugin project (typically written in Java) that serves as a place to keep code for program analysis. The toolbox.analysis project that you imported in the Atlas Shell tutorial is an example Toolbox project. Toolbox projects can contribute Eclipse entry points to run Atlas in a headless non-interactive mode (see toolbox.headless.Headless), Eclipse views/menus/etc., Atlas Smart Views, or just general program analysis capabilities that may or may not be used by an Atlas Shell project. Toolbox projects can be dependent upon other Toolbox projects. For example the toolbox.analysis is dependent on the toolbox-commons project which we installed directly from an update site in the last tutorial.

Since we haven't started writing our own program analysis queries, for now this is all we will say about Toolbox projects. In the tutorials to come we will be building up our toolbox.analysis project and running the examples from the project. Make sure you are comfortable with the Learning Atlas Setup section and all of its tutorials. We will be moving on to learning the Atlas Query Language next.

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