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You might have noticed that the Q class has a few more methods than what we covered in the Basic Queries section. You can find a complete list of Q methods in the Atlas Javadoc for Q.

Additionally several common queries have been included as helper methods in the CommonQueries class. You should spend a few minutes scanning the Atlas Javadoc for CommonQueries so you don't try re-inventing the wheel.

In general if you are looking for more information about Atlas that isn't covered in this Wiki, you should check to see if the information is available in the Atlas Javadocs.

If Atlas doesn't provide the base queries you need, you might also try checking to see if a Toolbox project already exists with the functionality you want. One such project is the Toolbox Commons project that the Starter Toolbox you installed depends on. If you are analyzing Android applications, you might interested in the Android Essentials Toolbox project. If you still can't find the functionality you need, consider writing your own Toolbox project and open sourcing it to share with the rest of us!

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