Release 2.3.3

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Release Notes

  • Smart View scripts:
    • Added the ability for Smart View scripts to mark non-terminal nodes with dangling edges.
    • Clarified the IResizableScript API.
  • Graph layout:
    • Smart View resizes nodes more intelligently when updating graphs.
    • Collapsing nodes in a graph now lays out nicely.
  • Updated to YWorks version 2.12.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Ensure proper script is loaded when initializing the Smart View.
    • Finer calculation of which resources are outside of the code map.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented updates to view status messages.
    • Various workflow-interrupting bugs squished.

Atlas Core 2.3.3
Atlas for Java 2.3.3
Atlas for C 2.3.3 BETA
Atlas Scala Shell 2.3.3
Atlas for Java/Android Binaries 2.3.3 BETA
Enhanced Jimple Support for Eclipse 2.3.3 BETA

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