Release 2.7.2

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Release Notes

  • Allow simple C projects to be mapped without first being built.
  • Added an "Interactions" script to the Connection View which displays only direct interactions.
  • The Connection View now has resizable panes.
  • Frontier edges now appear in pinned graphs.
  • Default Smart View scripts no longer show edge labels for Call and Dataflow edges.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Atlas views now indicate more readily when they are calculating.
    • Fixed a bug causing a newly built C project to be omitted from a mapping operation.

Atlas Core 2.7.2
Atlas for Java 2.7.2
Atlas for C 2.7.2 BETA
Atlas Scala Shell 2.7.2
Atlas for Java/Android Binaries 2.7.2 BETA
Enhanced Jimple Support for Eclipse 2.7.2 BETA

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